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by a picturesque lake
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Address in Poland: Łapino, Powiat Gdański, Województwo Pomorskie
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Houses in the cottage village Lapino, Poland

Cottage village Lapino is located in an ecologically clean corner of Poland, on the shore of a picturesque lake in close proximity to a reservation park. Comfortable cottages performed in a single style form the basis of the residential villa construction. You can buy the whole cottage or only a half of it depending on your needs. Such a variant will be ideally suitable for families where children need a separate dwelling. Two cottages under one roof allows them to live next to their parents. And this means that they can always organize a grand family celebration just communicate with native people.

Inhabitants of the village are businessmen and representatives of the middle class and freelance jobs, who appreciate freedom from city bustle and conveniences of top level country life. All roads and passages, as well as sidewalks and pedestrian zones at the territory of the village are made of concrete paving blocks. Security of the village is secured by a private security company at the twenty-four-hour basis.

We are offering you an ideal place to make a cozy family nest! A unique combination of virgin nature, ecology and comfortable living conditions — all these are Lapino.

Location of the village

Advantageous location is mainly defined by territorial proximity to such medium and major cities as Gdanck, Sopot and Gdynia. Just 21 kilometers separate the new cottage residential estate from the major town of Gdansk with the population of about 500 thousand people. This major seaport town is one of the oldest cultural, trade and tourist centers of the country with attractive climate for business development.

In the summer season inhabitants of the cottage village Lapino will see the true value of vicinity to Sopot — a seaside town, famous both in Poland and abroad, located within 35 kilometers. Beautiful well-groomed beaches, excellent infrastructure for treatment and recreation makes this resort one of the favorite holiday resorts for tourists. You can always get into the car and be at the seaside in half an hour. For those, who dislike sitting still, life in Lapino will never seem boring.

Just 3 kilometers separate the village from the nearest town - Kolbudy. The population of Kolbudy is about 15 thousand people. It has the entire infrastructure for comfortable life: nursery, elementary school, high school, sports stadium, contemporary medical center, police commissariat.

Recreation zone

One has to be a poet to describe the beauty of places, where the cottage village Lapino is located, to the full extent. Local nature fascinates with its serene and sublime beauty. And this is not surprising, because we are talking of a nature reserve. You won’t find any industrial establishment nearby, only coniferous and leafy forests, bluelakesandrivers.

There are three of them in close vicinity to the village. The cottage village is actually located on the shore of one of them. You don’t have to go anywhere, if you’d want to have a swim on a hot day, sit on the bank with a fishing rod or justadmirethesunset.

Another lake — lake Kolbydskoye — is located within three kilometers from the village. Andifyoutravel a bit further away from Lapino, you can have a great time at lake Lapinskoe. It has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There are several boarding houses, restaurants, swimming pools and a bowling alleyontheshore.

Local water reservoirs are a true ‘mecca’ for admirers of fishing. A lotoftourists are attracted by the possibility of getting a great take of fish, because local lakes and rivers have acquire a reputation for being rich in fish a long time ago. But the inhabitants of Lapino don’t have to travel tens of kilometers to go fishing, because all lakes are located nearby.